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The Things You Should Know

I have written a lot of articles over the years for Race Place Magazine so I have decided to condense some of the past information and create a check list that you might want to use.  These are things to think about when you are making a purchase: Shoes A. Your feet get flatter and…

The Best

  Whether we want to achieve something, or buy something or just be something, we strive to make it the best. Being the best is a term relative to the time, the place and the person. Getting the best running shoes in many stores does not mean buying the most expensive model they sell and…


Critical Thinking

I want to discuss a couple of interesting concepts that have been making their way through the shoe industry in the last year or so. These concepts though not new, are heavily advertised, thus encouraging people to give them a try. The first of these, is the minimalist concept of running with the very lightest…


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